Outdoor Living Trends for 2015

by Athena Calderone

Here are our favourite Outdoor Living Trends for 2015. Outdoor living is becoming more and more important every year due to the fact that every new generation wants to spend more time outside than the last.


“According to the 2014 Casual Living and Apartment Therapy Outdoor Decorating Survey, 85 per cent of millennials rate outdoor rooms as “very important” compared to 83 per cent of gen-Xers and 74 per cent of baby boomers.”

6 of our Favourite Outdoor Living Trends for 2015

Black and white


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outdoor living trends 2015via


This is my favourite trend since we are so excited about our Sunny Todd Boulders Deck Chair. We also love combining different kinds of wood with this look. Oak, teak and driftwood looks especially lovely.

Eco-Conscious Plants and Natural Landscapes

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Of course all plants and flowers are naturally eco-friendly, but the reports are indicating that consumers are purchasing eco-consciously like using native plants to reduce water consumption (xeriscaping) or sociably by buying pet and child friendly varieties. Social responsibility is of growing importance to consumers – which is great to learn.


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Outdoor Living Trends for 2015


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All shades of pinks are supposed to be a popular Outdoor Living Trends for 2015. We’ve actually experienced this already this Spring with the sales of our Malibu Deck Chair. Or if that’s not your colour, how about adding some outdoor rugs or cushions in Pantone’s 2015 colour of the year; Marsala? We think both these colour works great with vintage style grey’s, olive greens, charcoal, whites and cream. They are also talking about a washed out denim colour, love the idea of this!

Grow What you Eat

herb garden Outdoor Living Trends for 2015vertical herbs via

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community gardensvia

We have seen growing evidence of this in Vancouver for the last 5 years with more allotments going up, local verge’s being filled with edibles and community gardens really taking off and some turning into small businesses. We’re also loving the trend of restaurants growing their own produce on their roofs (for example). We are fans of mixing edibles and ornamentals throughout the garden. You can even introduce this to the indoors with pots and window boxes.

Container Gardens

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hanging containersvia

We like this idea as it means you can always take your garden with you, especially if you are renting or flipping houses. This has been a growing trend over the last few years but this year it concentrates on smaller and more ornate hangings with a continued love for succulents, paired with more cacti and tropical plants. Also loving that idea of planting food in containers so you can start them indoors and move outside or take with you.

Outdoor Entertainment

outdoor trend 2015, pizza ovenvia

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With the decrease in the size of our homes, The Garden Trends Report says we will be spending more time outdoors in our less expensive to build outdoor spaces. Adding pizza ovens is currently popular, so is having an outdoor dining space, or an area to watch movies with a projector. We think that a fire pit is the best idea, it encourages people to sit about it and chat, it also makes your garden more hospitable in the colder months so you can get more from your outdoor space.

Micro-trend: Mini Bar-Shed’s

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bar shedvia

And our favourite micro-trend heralding form the UK (of course) is the mini Bar-Shed. What a great idea, instead of somewhere to go an hide at the end of the garden, a place to entertain and have fun with friends and neighbours. Would this cut back on the babysitting fees we wonder?

This trend is not limited to bars of course, I’m sure you’ve seen lots of similar ideas like home offices, art studios, kids playroom etc etc.

What will you be doing to your outdoor living space this year? We’d love to know!?

Gwyn & Tamra

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