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Deck Chair Frames that will last your lifetime and fabric slings that you can change anytime you fancy. Slow down and enjoy your life. Relax and Restore in a Gallant and Jones Handmade Deck Chair. 


Gallant & Jones produce, sell and wholesale a sustainable collection of Outdoor Furniture.

These are the best Deck chairs in the world!


Gallant & Jones Outdoor Living with Style

Whether it’s having an outdoor party with friends, unwinding with a glass of wine on the patio, visiting the farmer’s market, dangling your toes in the ocean or curling up under a blanket with a book; we believe that you need to take that much needed time out from your busy life to relax and restore. We’ve crafted a high-end range of quality, handmade products: Deck Chairs, Stools, Trays, Blankets, Towels, Bags and Tents, that will inspire you to carve out some ‘you’ time, free from the demands of life.

We do all this ethically and eco-responsibly. The majority of our products are sourced and made here, in North America.


Gallant & Jones

Was formed in 2009 by Tamra ‘Gallant’ and Gwyneth ‘Jones’, two entrepreneurial women that decided to make Deck Chairs, after noticing that they weren’t readily available in North America, which was a great combination of each their passions for woodworking and textiles.

They started out by making all the furniture themselves until it was no longer possible to keep up with demand and time to grow their range of outdoor living products.

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The Deck Chair

G&J most popular product is our Deck Chair, it is a fantastic piece of Outdoor Furniture that folds completely flat for easy storage and transportation. There are 3 positions to recline in: upright, reading and snoozing. Each Deck Chair and Footstool facilitates interchangeable fabrics, our customers love this as it gives them the freedom to change the look of their outdoor spaces. Each piece is handmade out of North American White Oak or Indonesian Grade A Teak and stained with an eco UV protectant oil. With every Deck Chair purchase, a tree is donated and planted through the Love Trees Program. We care about the world we live in.

deck chairs at a picnic

Gallant and Jones Promise:

-Our products are not only beautiful but functional

-G&J Deck Chair frames will last a lifetime, fabric can be easily replaced whenever you desire.

-We support North American made by working with local craftspeople, manufacturers and artisans

-Our products are lovingly handcrafted in the support of traditional skills and craftspeople

-Each product is made as eco-responsibly as possible

-We source the majority of our raw materials from North America

-We offset the use of our wood by planting a tree through the Love Trees Program

-Each and every product is made and finished to a very high standard

-We design exclusive products, only available here at Gallant & Jones

-We offer Warranties for peace of mind

-Most importantly we love our customers, we want you to enjoy and love your Gallant & Jones products and come back for more…

Contact us:

Email: info[@] Tel: 604 420 1350

All our lovely photographs are by Janis Nicolay

Love Trees Please visit Love Trees, maybe you can also help them with their important work.

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