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Gallant & Jones makes, designs and sells beautiful Outdoor Furniture, Textiles, Beach Bags, Beach TowelsBlankets, Tents and lovely accessories for wonderful Outdoor Living.

The Deck Chair

Our most popular product is our Deck Chair, it is a fantastic piece of Outdoor Furniture that allows to be folded completely flat for easy storage and transportation, this is a great feature for people who want to take their Deck Chairs to the beach or move them around the garden to follow the sun… There are 3 positions to recline in: upright, reading and snoozing. Each Deck Chair and Footstool is designed to facilitate interchangeable fabrics, our customers love this feature so they can change the look of their outdoor spaces with new fabrics and colours every Spring. Isn’t that brilliant? A frame that will last years and years, but you don’t have to worry about getting bored of your fabric selection or the colours you choose. Each piece is handmade to a very high finish eco-responsibly, we use North American White Oak and an eco UV protectant oil. With every sale we plant a tree. Our fabrics are updated constantly. That’s why our customers keep coming back for more.

How It All Started

Gallant and Jones was formed in August 2009 after Tamra (Gallant) visited the UK with her family and fell in love with the numerous Deck Chairs that she saw in parks and on beaches, she wondered why these chairs were not readily available in North America. On her return to Vancouver BC, she proposed making the chairs as a business idea to her Welsh friend Gwyneth (Jones). They decided to make the chairs by hand, utilising Tamra’s woodworking know how and Gwyn’s textiles and design skills. The two girls decided very early on that if they were to bring a new product line to the market- place that they should do it with the best of intentions and build a company that they and their families could be proud of.

Gallant and Jones Evolution

Tamra and Gwyneth handmade each and every deck chair, stool and tray that left their workshop. After 2.5 years of really really hard work and plenty of splinters, they found a local manufacturer who held the same ideals of high quality, fine craftsmanship and eco-responsibility. They now have more time to expand the business and to add exciting products to the Gallant & Jones brand. If you would like to be informed of when new products are available, join the mailing list and follow the Gallant & Jones blog. With every deck chair purchased a tree is donated and planted through the Love Trees Program. We care about the world we live in. “Love Trees provides trees and environmental education to school children in Africa, North America and Haiti so kids can have a Love Tree of their own to plant. When they plant their tree, they get to make a wish for the planet. They’re also learning that they have the power to help make the world a better place.”

Gallant and Jones Promise:

-Our products are not only beautiful but functional

-We support the local economy by working with local craftspeople, manufacturers and artisans

-Our products are lovingly handcrafted in the support of traditional skills and craftspeople

-Each product is made as eco-responsibly as possible

-We source the majority of our raw materials from North America

-We offset the use of our wood by planting a tree through the Love Trees Program -that each and every product is made and finished to a very high standard

-Design exclusive products, only available here at Gallant & Jones

-we offer Warranties for peace of mind

-most importantly we love our customers, we want you to enjoy and love your Gallant & Jones products and come back for more…

Gallant and Jones Services

If you live in Vancouver we offer an in-house consultation at $25 an hour. We will bring 2 Deck Chairs, 6 fabrics of your choice, a stool and a tray. You may then purchase your choice on site or at your own convenience on-line. Contact us for further information or to schedule an appointment.

Are you Trade?

Email us, we offer a discount with proof of your business tax ID…

Are you a Hotel or a Spa? We are able to add logo’s or insignia to fabric slings for your business, function or event. We can turn around large quantities within 8 weeks. Please email us your requests.

Contact us:

Email: Tel: 604 420 1350

All our lovely photographs are by Janis Nicolay

Love Trees

Please visit Love Trees, maybe you can also help them with their important work.