Hand crafted, high-end range of quality outdoor living products that will inspire you to carve out some ‘you’ time, free from the demands of life. Time to Relax and Restore.

Gallant & Jones

Founded in 2009 by Tamra ‘Gallant’ and Gwyn ‘Jones’. Born out of Tamra’s passion and skill for woodworking and Gwyn’s love of textile design – and an equal love for the traditionally British Deck Chair.

old pic of a gathering with Deck Chairs on the pier

Gwyn, who grew up in Great Britain, has fond memories of summers on the British coast- candy striped deck chairs; beach huts and outdoor cups of tea. Gwyn did her Textile Design degree in Brighton where she and her friends would head to the beach to flop into deck chairs and relax and restore in between classes.

Tamra, a Canadian who frequents the UK regularly to spend time with family, first came across the great British Deck Chair on the very same Brighton beach. A few days later, she saw them again in Hyde park in London and whilst enjoying a much needed moment lounging in the comfy chair with her book, she decided when she got back to Canada she would purchase one for her backyard.

Upon returning to Canada, Tamra discovered that this style of deck chair wasn’t readily available here. It was then that the idea came to Tamra to make her own Deck Chairs. Keen to put her woodworking skills to use, but in need of bright, beautiful and creative textiles and design to bring the chairs to life- Tamra thought of her friend Gwyn. Together they formed Gallant and Jones and these lovingly crafted, comfortable and stylish Deck Chairs were created.


Gallant and Jones continue to put the same craft, passion and love behind each relaxation product they create. From their signature Deck Chair to hand woven beach towels, each product is created with the best of intentions and contributes to build a company that they and their families can be proud of.